Matt Kirman

Quick read


Hi! I’m Matt Kirman.

I’m a software developer specialising in web application development, founder of Fledge and Technical Operations Manager at an e-commerce company based in Lincoln, UK.

I was formerly the co-founder of Redflex LLP, a startup aiming at providing the best in editorial led hyper-local media. After (briefly) branching out into micro-blogging and other SAAS applications, Redflex was eventually shuttered in March 2010.

I cut my software development teeth on PHP and Scheme, but I can now usually be found working with my go to language of choice – Ruby.

You should follow me on Twitter and Github. If you know me, friend me on Facebook. You can also contact me at

Current Projects

  • Fledge — Property search, reimagined. Currently in semi-stealth mode.

Things I’ve Built

  • Spotio — A web-based Spotify remote control.
  • Fidjit — Currently in the middle of pivoting to something location based. Was a feature-rich microblogging app in another life. Managed to garner over 15,000 active users in it’s first week as well as coverage by Mashable and other major technology blogs.
  • Hydrogen — Super simple SaaS customer support.
  • Publicfuse — Editorial led hyper-local news site.
  • York Vision Facebook — A joint project between Iain Withers and myself comprising of the first ever newspaper to be published through the Facebook newsfeed. Update: we’ve now been profiled by Dave Lee and there’s even a brief Wikipedia entry.