Matt Kirman

Google Closure Compiler TextMate Bundle

I’ve been trying out the brand new Google Closure Compiler instead of the YUI Compressor. I’m not going to go into any detail about the Closure Compiler as there’s plenty of information out there already, but I can say that it looks like another solid offering from Google.

Anyway, in an effort to make a pretty good piece of software even better I decided to make a TextMate bundle for it so that it’s never more than a keystroke away (defaults to ⇧⌘G).


The Google Closure Compiler bundle requires:

Make sure you read the README file before installing. The Google Closure Compiler TextMate bundle is licenced under the GPL Licence. This bundle has only been tested with the latest versions of Mac OS X (v10.6.2) and TextMate (v1.5.8) but should work with earlier versions as long as the requirements above are met.

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Using this bundle? Got any suggestions? Let me know in the comments!