Matt Kirman

YUI Compressor TextMate Bundle

Even though the Google Closure Compiler is very useful for compressing JavaScript it has absolutely no support for CSS, something that the YUI Compressor excels at. I give you the YUI Compressor TextMate bundle, an almost direct port of the Google Closure Compiler TextMate bundle but with a different compression library.

It has support for compressing multiple JavaScript and CSS files at the same time; just select the files you want to compress and hit ⇧⌘Y.


The YUI Compressor bundle requires:

Please make sure you read the README before installing. The YUI Compressor TextMate bundle is licenced under the GPL Licence. This bundle has only been tested with the latest versions of Mac OS X (v10.6.2) and TextMate (v1.5.8) but should work with earlier versions as long as the requirements above are met.

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